Friday, March 29, 2013

Rockets + Knights = R'ights

Northbrook Middle School Knights work with
YES Prep Rockets to untangle a web during
a culture building afternoon.
On the afternoon of February 14th, Northbrook Middle School Principal Valerie Johnson and YES Prep at Northbrook School Director Cendie Stanford brought the Northbrook Middle and YES Prep Northbrook 6th grades together for an afternoon of culture building.

Students filled the gym as they performed their newest chant: "We are the Knights and the Rockets and we are preparing for success, we show up every day to give our best. We are the "R’ights, that’s right! The Rockets and the Knights!" NMS and YES Prep Northbrook staff members led mixed groups of Knights and Rockets through various teambuilding activities and challenges.

As students untangled their way through human knots and tallied up points for collaborative teamwork, they proved that they really are one student body working together towards success. The day culminated with students engaging in friendly pick-up soccer games, walks around the track, or just time spent enjoying the beautiful weather as classmates...or "R’ights".

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