Thursday, January 22, 2015

SKY Student Highlight

John Freed

John Freed is a 7th grader at KIPP Courage @ Landrum Middle School. He heard about the program from a presentation Principal Schmidt gave at his elementary school and applied when that sparked an interest in the charter program. John is involved in symphonic band, football, and cross-country as electives. His favorite subject in school is social studies, or what they call it at KIPP, Humanities.The Percy Jackson series is his favorite book series and football is his favorite sport. John likes that at KIPP students feel like they get more privileges than if they were in another program and his ability to make new friends easily makes him unique.

Friday, January 9, 2015

KIPP Houston Public Schools Annual Reunion

January 6th,  2015 was the KIPP reunion where the Landrum and KIPP Courage girls choir performed. This event is held every January to excite for the upcoming semester. The event was held at the KIPP Houston Southwest Campus. The girls choir was one of the three selected student performances at the event. The Landrum girls choir is a combination of Landrum Middle School and KIPP Courage @ Landrum students. Landrum Middle School is a unique campus because it shares its space with KIPP Houston Public School's middle school charter program known as KIPP Courage @ Landrum. The charter program and traditional program, both housed at Landrum Middle School share elective classes. This wonderful girls choir is a great example of the blend of the charter and traditional programs. Their talented collaboration was well celebrated and appreciated at the reunion dinner. 

These young ladies did a terrific job performing at the celebration.
 Great job we are so proud of you!
Congratulations to KIPP on their reunion and job well done to the Landrum girls’ choir. 

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